Leading your accountancy firm’s business and client service transformation by utilising the latest technology

Wednesday 18th May 2022, 2pm BST

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Roundtable Overview

The accounting industry is continually evolving due to technology, with a plethora of bleeding-edge solutions promising to offer greater operational efficiency to firms, as well as the ability to drive innovation in client services that have the potential to open up whole new revenue streams.

But for the accounting industry to harness the true potential of such technologies, firm’s must ensure they have the right digital transformation strategy in place.

After all, the implementation of new technologies will require buy-in from all team members to be a success.

Join this interactive roundtable where we will look at how accountancy leaders should lead digital transformation efforts within their firms.

In this roundtable we’ll explore:

  • How to create a successful digital transformation strategy?
  • How to ensure technology solves the right problems within your firm and delivers the benefits your organisation wishes to achieve?
  • How to make sure that everyone within your firm is on board with your organisation’s digital transformation journey?
  • How to ensure employees have the necessary skills to ensure the transformation project is a success?
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Session Moderator - John Toon, Senior Manager, Tech Advisory Lead, Beever and Struthers

As Tech Advisory Lead at Beever and Struthers, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors John grows and manages a portfolio of clients based across the UK and internationally. He deals with a diverse range of sectors and specialises in the Innovation, Communication and IT sector and is a firm believer that whilst every business is unique, many business issues are common and unique solutions can be found in other sectors, you just need to find the software to do so!

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